Choir Rehearsal Recordings

1/8/2017 Rehearsal

People Get Ready

ALL   Score   YouTube

12/27/2016 Rehearsal

The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy


Guide My Feet


12/20/2016 Rehearsal

Now Behold The Lamb

ALL-Bb    Alto-Bb   Score-Bb  Score-G   BassWCuts-G

12/18/2016 Rehearsal

One Bright Star

Sopranos-Altos   Tenors-Basses

12/4/2016 Rehearsal

Oh Happy Day

ALL   Lyrics   Rhythm-Score

10/26/2016 Rehearsal

Take My Life and Let It Be


I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N



Sopranos  Soloist  Altos   Tenors    Lyrics   Score

10/16/2016 Rehearsal

In Christ Alone

ALL    Lyrics    Score

10/11/2016 Rehearsal

Le Lo Lay Lo

ALL    Score

Be Present Spirit of The Lord

Altos-Tenors    Sopranos

Amen Siakudumisa

Sopranos    Masiti Girl    Altos    Tenors  Children   Score

10/2/2016 Rehearsal

I’ve Been Working On a Building


9/25/2016 Rehearsal

In Remembrance of Me

Sopranos (8ve Down)   Altos    Tenors    Lyrics   Score

I am The Bread of Life


Bread Thou The Bread of Life


9/18/2016 Rehearsal

Take Me To The King

All      Score

9/11/2016 Rehearsal

I Give Myself Away

Soprano (Sung Octave Down)  Alto   Tenor     Lead Sheet

The Lord is Blessing Me Right Now

Soprano     Alto     Tenor    Bass

9/4/2016 Rehearsal

Order My Steps

Soprano   Alto   Tenor

You’re My All In All

Soprano   Alto  Tenor   ALL

8/28/2016 Rehearsal

Why We Sing

Soprano   Alto   Tenor   ALL

7/17/2016 Rehearsal

I Love The Lord

ALTO (Click Here)«  


Going Up Yonder

UNISON (Click Here)«  

7/3/2016 Rehearsal

In The Name of Jesus

UNISON (Click Here)«  

Going Up Yonder

UNISON (Click Here)«  

I Love The Lord

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Tenor/Bass Hybrid(Click Here)«

6/26/2016 Rehearsal

I Know It Was The Blood

UNISON (Click Here)«  

The Welcome Song

UNISON (Click Here)«  

6/5/2016 Rehearsal

G-d Is

UNISON (click here)«    Tenors (click here)«

Sopranos (click here)«    Altos (click here)«

G-d Never Fails

UNISON (Click Here)«

5/16/2016 Rehearsal


Amen Siakudumisa
|Amen Siakudumisa –  ALL|

Soprano   Alto   Tenor    Bass

5/1/2016 Rehearsal


Happy the home UMH 445 (3 Verses)
In The Garden UMH 314 (3 Verses)
Happy the home UMH 445 (4th Verse)
|Medley Rehearsal Recording|

4/24/2016 Rehearsal

If I Can Help Someboday
|Choir Rehearsal Recording|
|Choir Rehearsal Score|

The Sinner and The Song

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4/17/2016 Rehearsal

I Will Sing Praises

Sopranos (click here)«
Altos (click here)«
Tenors (click here)«

4/10/2016 Rehearsal

Shout To The Lord

Sopranos (click here)«
Altos (click here)«
Tenors (click here)«
Piano Accompaniment (here)«

G-d Is

Choir Recording (click here)«

4/3/2016 Rehearsal

Lord, Keep Me Day By Day

Sopranos (click here)«
Score (click here)«

3/27/2016 Rehearsal

Total Praise

Soprano Amens (click here)«
Altos (click here)«
Tenors (click here)«
Score (click here)«

Victory Is Mine

Sopranos (click here)«

3/20/2016 Rehearsal

Easter Bell Carol

Both Parts (click here) «
Score (click here)«

Halle, Halle Halleluja

Soprano (click here) «
Alto (click here)«
Tenors sing the melody.